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Never Bored !

What do you learn after 18 relocations, 4 countries, 3 house constructions, 2 continents in 21 years?

Impeccable organisation, efficiency and management of our furniture whatever our new home layout; no Mather the circumstances.

After 23 years as a Physics and Chemistry teacher, I decided that Canada would allow me to turn my passion into a business.

I mixed my 3 strongest skills: organisation, interior design and photography (more than 20 years behind the lens) to start a new career as a Home Stager and Photographer.

Photography to me, is capturing a beautiful moment with nature or people, 

I love to  "Tailor made " my PhotoShooting session, to offer the best to my clients.

After 2 years of classes, I am very happy to be certified from Sheridan College, Oakville and ready to work.

                                                Vanessa C.

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